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Grant Writing and Critiquing


Strategic planning and research converge to support the grant writing and critiquing process for a competitive grant application. The process can often seem much like trying to get the pieces of a puzzle to fit just right. As a strategic partner and grant consulting services expert, JCCI Resource Development Services knows how to fit all the pieces together to craft a compelling case for funding. We review grant application requirements and ensure that proposals meet the unique and complex criteria for specific funding opportunities.

JCCI’s Grant Writing and Critiquing Service includes the writing and editing of a grant request as part of a full-service grant application package and offers grant writing or draft critiques as stand-alone services. The JCCI team includes expert evaluators who provide independent reviews of draft grant proposals and make recommendations for improvements as needed.

“Our reviewer had experience reviewing grants submitted to HRSA, which was invaluable. Her thoughtful questions and comments helped us revise and polish several parts of our grant application so that we highlighted exactly what HRSA was looking for. Her attention to details and consistency kept us accountable and resulted in ‘no weaknesses’ notations in our actual review by HRSA.”

Dr. Jennifer Morse, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator for HRSA Project

Chatham University

Pittsburgh, PA

Image of pen and paper illustrating grant consulting services including grant writing and critiquing.