05 Sep 2017

new successes/testimonials

05 Sep 2017
What Our Clients Say


Image of college graduates depicting successful JCCI Resource Development Client Reviews

Success is sweet! JCCI Resource Development Services client reviews speak to the firm’s success as a strategic grant partner. We have successfully helped clients raise over $150 million in funding in the last decade alone.

Under the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP), JCCI has had tremendous success:

  • For the 2021-2022 competition and fund-down cycle, 9 clients were funded and received over $20 million in funding. Remaining clients received near-perfect scores ranging from 105 to 88.67.
  • In the 2019 competition, 9 of 11 clients received grant awards totaling more than $20 million combined.
  • For the 2017-2018 competition and fund-down cycle, 6 of 15 JCCI clients received more than $13 million in funding while another 5 clients received near-perfect scores ranging from 96 to 99.
  • For the 2015-2016 competition and fund-down cycle, 9 of 10 JCCI clients received awards totaling more than $18 million.

JCCI has also been successful in helping clients secure funding under the TRIO programs:

  • In 2020, 5 of 7 JCCI clients received awards totaling more than $8.8 million under the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) grant program. Two of these were new SSS programs and received funding without the benefit of prior experience points.
  • In 2015, JCCI had 7 of 11 clients receive grant awards for TRIO SSS projects, including one new SSS program.

From coast to coast, JCCI clients tell us how invaluable our grant consulting services have been to their achievements.

“Working with JCCI was key to securing a Title III grant. Their expertise, meticulous feedback, and knowledge of the strengthening institutions program and guidelines helped to move a good proposal to a fundable proposal. They are insightful, skilled, and experienced professionals.”

Dr. Irby “Skip” Sullivan, President
Alfred State College of Technology – SUNY
Alfred, NY

“JCCI’s expertise was extraordinarily valuable in helping Seton Hill prepare a competitive Title III project to expand access and achievement for students in high-demand careers in STEM fields. The consultant provided strategic insight to each step within the proposal process. JCCI’s guidance was instrumental in Seton Hill University’s achievement of a $2.1 million grant award.”

Dr. Mary C. Finger, President
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA

“We embarked upon a very large Title III grant proposal and soon realized we couldn’t accomplish it by ourselves. We needed expert help with a proven track record, so we hired JCCI. The experience was remarkable. JCCI’s team led us through a rigorous 6-month process which resulted in a very detailed 80-page grant proposal. We were competing with hundreds of other colleges and universities, but we landed the grant award for $2.1 million dollars. This is a game changer for our college. We couldn’t have done it without JCCI.”

Dr. Vinita Sauder, President
Union College
Lincoln, NE

“JCCI provided excellent support to keep our team on track and moving forward. The consistent communication we received regarding deadlines for section writing and submission was immensely helpful, as were their recommendations regarding budget and narrative preparation to help us more effectively tell our college’s amazing story.”

Dr. Jacqueline S. Taylor, Associate Vice President for Retention and Student Success
Southwest Tennessee Community College
Memphis, TN

“Our reviewer had experience reviewing grants submitted to HRSA, which was invaluable. Her thoughtful questions and comments helped us revise and polish several parts of our grant application so that we highlighted exactly what HRSA was looking for. Her attention to details and consistency kept us accountable and resulted in ‘no weaknesses’ notations in our actual review by HRSA.”

Dr. Jennifer Morse, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator for HRSA Project
Chatham University
Pittsburgh, PA

The firm has a winning grant portfolio that includes grants awarded through a variety of programs:

  • Title III Strengthening Institutions Programs (SIP)
  • Title III Predominantly Black Institutions Programs (PBI)
  • Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Program (DHSI)
  • TRIO grants such as Student Support Services (SSS), Upward Bound (UB), Upward Bound Math/Science (UBMS), and Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)
  • NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) and S-STEM
  • HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration)
  • AACC (American Association of Community Colleges)
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators
  • Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce


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