05 Sep 2017

new research and identification

05 Sep 2017
Research and Identification of Funding Partners


Image of colleagues researching options illustrating JCCI grant consulting services research and identification of funding partners.

Before writing any grant proposal, we seek to develop a strategy with each client. JCCI grant consulting services will include interviews to determine your funding priorities and needs. Our grant research and identification will appropriately match your needs with grant programs or other funders (federal, state, and local government funding sources as well as corporate and private foundations).

Don’t have a dedicated research staff? Is your institution in the investigative phase of project funding? As a stand-alone service, JCCI’s Grant Research and Identification Package is available for organizations that need information about the best potential funders for identified strategic priority projects. The package provides a list of prospective funders, information about deadlines and application criteria, and a brief summary of recommended first steps to apply for funding from each source.


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