05 Sep 2017

new evaluation and reporting

05 Sep 2017
Evaluation and Reporting


Image of grant consulting services evaluation and reporting tools

Grant awards require thorough evaluation and reporting on the use of awarded funds and outcomes. The evaluation and reporting process is also an opportunity for award recipients to position themselves for future grant funding through demonstrating institutional capacity to manage successful programs and projects and ensure measurable deliverables. JCCI offers a Program Evaluation and Reporting Service for institutions needing an independent evaluation. JCCI Resource Development Services has a depth of team support that allows us to offer the Program Evaluation Service as part of a full grant assistance package using an independent evaluator not associated with the original project design or grant application process.

As members of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), JCCI Resource Development Services associates are prepared to conduct comprehensive evaluations of your organization’s programs and services. We ascribe to the professional educational program evaluation standards of the AEA and know how to design the most appropriate evaluation for your institution’s programs and services. During the evaluation process, JCCI guides clients in considering critical questions such as

  • Have you provided for both formative and summative evaluations?
  • Were your measurable objectives achieved? If not, why not?
  • What impact and results did you really achieve?
  • Were your implementation strategies accomplished according to plan? If not, why not?
  • What, beyond the measurable objectives, did the project achieve?
  • What impacts and outcomes were there?
  • How did the institution change?
  • Is your evaluation data-driven?


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