new private and corporate foundations

Private and Corporate Foundation Grants


Private and corporate foundation grants are awarded based on funders’ specific interests. Often, private and corporate foundations want to support and strengthen communities where they live or conduct business. JCCI Resource Development Services’ leadership and staff have years of experience in working with private and corporate foundations, and our expertise can help you expand programming and meet priorities that may not be funded through other sources. We offer a Grant Research and Identification Package that outlines the best private and corporate foundation donors to match your organization’s priorities, and our grant consulting services can assist with developing a strategy to approach these donors and with writing a compelling proposal for support.


new other federal grant programs

Other Federal Grant Programs


Many federal grant programs provide funding that target higher education and health care needs. JCCI Resource Development Services routinely monitors federal grant programs and announcements for funding opportunities that match client priorities. In addition to serving as a grant expert for Department of Education grant programs, we have successfully secured funding for clients through National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services grant programs.

The National Science Foundation continues to offer grant funds to improve undergraduate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization develop a grant for funding opportunities through NSF!

“Without JCCI there is no way that we would have been able to get a proposal organized and in on time. Their skilled personnel know colleges and issues in higher education. They “cut to the chase” and asked the right questions to get the answers they and we needed in order to put pen to paper. They know how to respond to request for proposals, how to organize material for grants, and how to write clearly. I would highly recommend JCCI.”

Sister Mary Lea Schneider, President Emeritus

Cardinal Stritch University

Milwaukee, WI


new education grant programs

U.S. Department of Education Grant Programs


The JCCI team has a strong history of success in securing funding through Department of Education grant programs, including Title III, Title V, and TRIO. We can help you navigate the complexities of applying for these grants. In fact, our expertise in Department of Education grant programs has helped us secure over $150 million in Title III and Title V funding for our clients in the last decade alone.

Department of Education grant programs under Title III benefit institutions with a high percentage of low-income and minority enrollment. Programs may be geared toward institutional needs to serve specific populations such as predominantly black students (PBI), native Alaskan and Hawaiian students, and tribal colleges. Title V programs support institutions serving Hispanic students.

During the 2019 Title III SIP grant competition, 9 of 11 JCCI clients received over $20 million. This success continues JCCI’s more than 40 year history of helping clients secure Department of Education grants. For the 2017-2018 competition and fund-down cycle, 6 of 15 JCCI clients received more than $13 million in funding while another 5 clients received near-perfect scores ranging from 96 to 99. For the 2015-2016 competition and fund-down cycle, 9 of 10 JCCI clients received awards totaling more than $18 million.

Department of Education grant programs offered under TRIO include eight different program areas targeted to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds and include the Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support Services programs. During the 2020 TRIO SSS competition, 5 of 7 JCCI clients secured grant funding, and two of those clients received funding for new SSS grant programs without the benefit of prior experience points. During the 2015-16 grant cycle, 7 of 11 JCCI TRIO SSS clients received more than $20 million in funding.

Let us position your institution for a successful application for these Department of Education grant programs! We can provide assistance for all phases of a Title III, Title V, or TRIO grant application, including project design, project research, proposal writing, proposal workshops, proposal critiques, and project evaluation upon grant award. Contact us for more information about upcoming grant cycles.

We’ve helped our clients fund impactful programs through Title III, Title V, and TRIO grant funding. How can we help you?

“JCCI’s expertise was extraordinarily valuable in helping Seton Hill prepare a competitive Title III project to expand access and achievement for students in high-demand careers in STEM fields. The consultant provided strategic insight to each step within the proposal process. JCCI’s guidance was instrumental in Seton Hill University’s achievement of a $2.1 million grant award.”

Dr. Mary C. Finger, President
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA

“We embarked upon a very large Title III grant proposal and soon realized we couldn’t accomplish it by ourselves. We needed expert help with a proven track record, so we hired JCCI. The experience was remarkable. JCCI’s team led us through a rigorous 6-month process which resulted in a very detailed 80-page grant proposal. We were competing with hundreds of other colleges and universities, but we landed the grant award for $2.1 million dollars. This is a game changer for our college. We couldn’t have done it without JCCI.”

Dr. Vinita Sauder, President
Union College
Lincoln, NE



new grant specialty areas

Grant Specialty Areas

JCCI Resource Development is not only your strategic grant partner. We’re also your go-to grant specialist. We have a proven track record of success in securing grant funding for our clients through federal grants programs. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with a grant specialist and strategic grant partner!



new evaluation and reporting

Evaluation and Reporting


Image of grant consulting services evaluation and reporting tools

Grant awards require thorough evaluation and reporting on the use of awarded funds and outcomes. The evaluation and reporting process is also an opportunity for award recipients to position themselves for future grant funding through demonstrating institutional capacity to manage successful programs and projects and ensure measurable deliverables. JCCI offers a Program Evaluation and Reporting Service for institutions needing an independent evaluation. JCCI Resource Development Services has a depth of team support that allows us to offer the Program Evaluation Service as part of a full grant assistance package using an independent evaluator not associated with the original project design or grant application process.

As members of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), JCCI Resource Development Services associates are prepared to conduct comprehensive evaluations of your organization’s programs and services. We ascribe to the professional educational program evaluation standards of the AEA and know how to design the most appropriate evaluation for your institution’s programs and services. During the evaluation process, JCCI guides clients in considering critical questions such as

  • Have you provided for both formative and summative evaluations?
  • Were your measurable objectives achieved? If not, why not?
  • What impact and results did you really achieve?
  • Were your implementation strategies accomplished according to plan? If not, why not?
  • What, beyond the measurable objectives, did the project achieve?
  • What impacts and outcomes were there?
  • How did the institution change?
  • Is your evaluation data-driven?


new grant writing and critiquing

Grant Writing and Critiquing


Strategic planning and research converge to support the grant writing and critiquing process for a competitive grant application. The process can often seem much like trying to get the pieces of a puzzle to fit just right. As a strategic partner and grant consulting services expert, JCCI Resource Development Services knows how to fit all the pieces together to craft a compelling case for funding. We review grant application requirements and ensure that proposals meet the unique and complex criteria for specific funding opportunities.

JCCI’s Grant Writing and Critiquing Service includes the writing and editing of a grant request as part of a full-service grant application package and offers grant writing or draft critiques as stand-alone services. The JCCI team includes expert evaluators who provide independent reviews of draft grant proposals and make recommendations for improvements as needed.

“Our reviewer had experience reviewing grants submitted to HRSA, which was invaluable. Her thoughtful questions and comments helped us revise and polish several parts of our grant application so that we highlighted exactly what HRSA was looking for. Her attention to details and consistency kept us accountable and resulted in ‘no weaknesses’ notations in our actual review by HRSA.”

Dr. Jennifer Morse, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator for HRSA Project

Chatham University

Pittsburgh, PA

Image of pen and paper illustrating grant consulting services including grant writing and critiquing.



new strategic planning

Strategic Planning


JCCI offers assistance to build the most competitive grant request for your priority projects. Our team will coordinate with institutional leaders to develop a project management timeline for gathering data and meeting submission deadlines. As part of our grant consulting services, we provide expert assistance in interpreting program regulations and guidelines for both the program design and grant application process and keep you apprised of any updates on grant deadlines or program changes.

Image of colleagues putting together a puzzle illustrating JCCI grant consulting services strategic planning expertise.

JCCI’s Strategic Planning Package is available to you as a component of full support for a single grant application or on an ongoing basis to assist in ensuring institutional and program readiness for grant applications when funding opportunities are announced.


new research and identification

Research and Identification of Funding Partners


Image of colleagues researching options illustrating JCCI grant consulting services research and identification of funding partners.

Before writing any grant proposal, we seek to develop a strategy with each client. JCCI grant consulting services will include interviews to determine your funding priorities and needs. Our grant research and identification will appropriately match your needs with grant programs or other funders (federal, state, and local government funding sources as well as corporate and private foundations).

Don’t have a dedicated research staff? Is your institution in the investigative phase of project funding? As a stand-alone service, JCCI’s Grant Research and Identification Package is available for organizations that need information about the best potential funders for identified strategic priority projects. The package provides a list of prospective funders, information about deadlines and application criteria, and a brief summary of recommended first steps to apply for funding from each source.